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Roof Repair Kit

(VAT not included)

1no 5kg Cap Roofseal smooth
1no 2½kg Cap Roofseal Plus
2no Pairs Latex gloves
1no Scrim 1m x l m
1no Carpenters pencil
1no 100mm paint brush
1no 50mm paint brush
1no Roller frame 100mm
1no Roller sleeve 100mm
1no Squeegee 150mm
1no Scrim 1m x 100mm wide
1no Trimming knife
1no Health & Safety sheet
1no Instructions sheet

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What happens if it rains after I have laid Cap Roofseal?
A1 Cap Roofseal is immediately water resistant and light rain will have no affect on its condition after application.

Q2 How long can I store Cap Roofseal for?
A2 Cap Roofseal will last 2 – 3 years if stored in correct conditions i.e. above 10c and unopened

Q3 How many square metres will I get out of a tin of Cap Roofseal?
A3 5kg Cap Roofseal Plus approximately 3-4m² dependent on substrate
20kg Cap Roofseal Plus approximately 12-16m² dependent on substrate
5kg Cap Roofseal Smooth approximately 6m² dependent on substrate
20kg Cap Roofseal Smooth approximately 24m² dependent on substrate

Q4 What type of surfaces can I lay Cap Roofseal on?
A4 Cap Roofseal can be applied to flat roofs, pitch roofs, weathered asphalt, bitumous surfaces, concrete, brickwork, fibreglass, felt, aged UPVC, metal (galvanised and ferrous)

Q5 How long does it take Cap Roofseal to go off?
A5 Cap Roofseal takes up to 5 – 7 days depending on temperature and thickness of coating. Product may remain soft for a further period depending on climatic conditions. This is not detrimental to the waterproofing qualities. In very hot weather this time is dramatically reduced.

Q6 Do you offer fixing services for Cap Roofseal?
A6 Yes, a full, no obligation quotation is available dependent on location

Q7 Is Cap Roofseal available in different colours?
A7 The colour available is grey. Black and solar reflective white are available in minimum order quantities on application.

Q8 How long will Cap Roofseal last?
A8 Depending on the surface, and provided it is laid in accordance with the laying instructions, a minimum of 5 years.

Q9 Do I need any special equipment to lay Cap Roofseal?
A9 Equipment generally used is i.e. paint brush, rollers, (various sizes) masking tape, Cap Roofseal Smooth can be spray applied with professional equipment

Q10 How does the price of Cap Roofseal rate against other products?
A10 Cap Roofseal is the most cost effective system on the UK market today and when compared ‘like with like’ it is the most competitively priced.

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